You Need A Website & Mailing List Because

The importance of owning your own website and mailing list
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You Own It.

Many online business experts will tell you the importance of building your own website and growing your mailing list.  

I’ve heard this advice many times, but it didn’t hit home until… 

I re-posted something on Facebook about using smudging (with sage) and the post was marked “partly false” and the content was blocked. One of my friends messaged me and said, “I think your account has been hacked,” and sent me a screenshot of my blocked post. I investigated and it appears that Facebook uses “fact checkers” to verify and censor information. 

Regardless of the validity of the article I posted, there is a lot of New Age information that can’t be “fact checked”. It is based on our experiences or expertise. It might be true to us, but isn’t supported by academic papers written by multiple accredited sources. I have noticed that even things that are plainly in front of our eyes are disbelieved by the majority of the population. Writing about these tender topics is risky. Some people want to stay under their rocks and with their heads buried in the sand. It is unlikely we will be able to change their points of views. 

As spiritual entrepreneurs (or whatever you call yourself: heart-centered, healers, alternative therapists, lightworkers, etc.), sometimes the topics we write about are not mainstream. In fact, some of the information we post may not be accepted or acknowledged by your average Joe or Jane. If I had a nickel for every time I was labelled a conspiracy theorist. But I digress. 

Additionally, in light of the current pandemic situation, we might have gifts that we need to bring to the world and recent events are expediting our pace. People need what we have to offer! They might not even know what you do, understand it, or consciously realize they can benefit. Yet. But more and more people are waking up now and our time is coming. We need to get ready. We need to be able to do business completely online

This means we need our own space where we can educate potential customers about our businesses and make it easy to work with us. 

Use caution and discernment when posting on social media

Be careful HOW you bring your knowledge, information, and services to the world. It is important to use discernment on what you share on social networks. Thoughtfully choose your wording.

Try to ride unnoticed by the social media networks detectors so that you don’t get flagged as a troublemaker. 

You can sing your truth on your website. 

You can sing your truth to your mailing list. 

We can all be truthsayers. We just need to do so delicately on external places where we can easily get punished or kicked off. Social networks are amazing channels for us to get our messages out to the world and attract our customers. We need to operate within their bounds and play by their rules. 

Build a Website; Establish your Mailing List

You own your website and mailing list. You can post what you want and communicate what you need freely. This is my new number 1 reason to get a website. If you need to create your business website and want to work with me, go to my Work With Me page and schedule your free discovery call. 

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