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Website Maintenance Services

Congratulations on the launch of your new website! 

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Thank you so much for choosing me as your web designer. I have enjoyed getting to know you and working closely with you over the past few weeks. I hope you are happy with the final results! 

Now What?

It’s time to take a moment to review the Creative Services Agreement* we have between us. 

*If you can’t find yours, email me and I’ll resend it to you! 

Below, you’ll find a summary of how we can continue working together on your website. 

Stay connected to your website!​

Building a new website is a journey in itself. But once it’s finally launched, the worst thing you could do is forget about it. Let’s work as a website team to keep your online momentum going through ongoing website maintenance and website “power” sessions. Read more below. 

Ongoing website maintenance

The importance of owning your own website and mailing list

Need some website updates? That’s what I’m here for. If you are already a client of mine, you’re all set. Following your website launch, work will be automatically charged hourly, unless you request a flat-fee quote. 

Hourly Rate

I charge an hourly rate for all of my ongoing website maintenance. This is the quickest way for you to get your site updated because I don’t have take the time to analyze the work in detail, itemize it and prepare an estimate. 

My hourly rate for 2020 is $85 USD. If you are Canadian, you can pay via e-transfer in equivalent CDN funds + GST. 

Do you need your website updated? Send an email request to me at allison@allisonkessler.com


Flat Fee Quotes

For more complex requests, you are welcome to request a quote on any work. Depending on the request, I may provide a range of hours charged at my hourly rate, or I might provide a flat-fee quote to cover all of the required work. 

In certain circumstances, we may need to schedule a few paid consulting sessions in order to brainstorm options, research alternatives, perform tests / beta tests, and select the best solution. 

Best for:

Website "Power" Sessions


Let's Get 'Er Done Together!

This is absolutely my favourite way of working together on your website. I find my “Website Power Sessions” – where we work through your website updates together 

Website Power Sessions

Yes! Let’s Get ‘Er Done together in some website power sessions!

*Canadian clients can use the coupon code “powerpass” to bypass the payment processing in order to pay e-transfer.