Website Lead Magnets – How they work

Plan out your website's lead magnet
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Have you heard about lead magnets, but aren’t exactly sure how they work? In this article, I explain at a high level how to integrate a lead magnet into your business’s workflow. Then I go into detail of how to make it work on a tactical level in an automation.


A lead magnet is something of value that you are giving away for free to your prospects in exchange for their contact information, like first name and email address.

Here is a diagram walking you through the steps of a lead magnet flow including four phases: 1. Attract, 2. Capture, 3. Close and 4. Nurture. It’s easy to overlook the first step, which is planning out HOW you intend to advertise your lead magnet. The step is critical! 

Website Lead Magnet Flowchart

Connect Your Landing Page To Your Email List

The magic is created by getting a bit geeky with the communication between your Landing Page and your Email List program. 

There are a few things you need to have in place for this to work. 

*Don’t forget to review your privacy policy and privacy legislation before proceeding, which isn’t the topic of today’s article.

Think Beyond Your Lead Magnet

Plan Your Email Marketing Strategy

What is the real purpose of your lead magnet? If you are using your lead magnet to build your email list, you need to create your email list strategy, nurture sequence, and commit to sending regular emails. These are your fans and they want to hear from you! 

Create Your Paid Offers

Launching your lead magnet in advance of paid offers is a perfect way to grow your email list and establish a relationship with your subscribers. This also allows you to work on one thing at a time and get them launched sequentially. 

But in reality, your lead magnet needs to be in alignment with your paid offers so that it becomes the first step in your Sales Funnel – which I will be covering in a future article. In other words, you need to know what your paid offers are BEFORE you design your lead magnet. 

Get Started!

Here’s a quick list of all of the steps you need for your website’s lead magnet automation: 

  1. Attract: Write down HOW you intend to let people know about your lead magnet.
  2. Capture: Design the landing page on your website (or alternative solution) with an opt-in form. Designate your “tag” that communicates with your email list.
  3. Close: Ensure delivery of your lead magnet i.e. follow through on your promise. This is generally achieved by writing your auto-email enclosing the lead magnet and programming it to send on receipt of the “tag”. In the case of a delayed delivery, like a webinar that is scheduled for a future date, you need to build into your process a record of who actually attends. Re-market the webinar to people who couldn’t attend, which could be through a webinar recording or by requiring no-shows to re-register.
  4. Nurture: Continue to develop your relationship with your subscribers by sending regular and consistent emails in accordance with your email marketing strategy. Integrate your paid sales offers with your free value so that your fans feel appreciated and valued as real people, and not just as sales objects. 

Work With Me

Need help getting your lead magnet up on your website? I can help!

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