Website Co-Creation Program

for heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches & consultants


Target Launch Date: Jan 1/20

It's time to write amazing website content.

Creating your business website is a large undertaking, with many moving parts and complex integrations. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of your options, lost in the multitude of tasks, and frustrated with the tech.

Unfortunately, writing your website content can fall to the bottom of your priority list. You may end up writing it in a rush, neglect to solicit input/feedback, or skip the editing.

As you add, “I’ll fix my website content later,” to your to-do list, you get a sinking feeling in your stomach.

If this scenario sounds familiar and your website text leaves a lot to be desired, check out my new website content creation program. It’s designed specifically for heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants to carefully define your online identify and thoughtfully craft your words, showing you how to write from the heart

Design your website on paper first, before hiring a web designer.

I encourage you to segregate the content creation part from the website design process and give yourself permission to focus your energy on writing brilliant website content

This program provides a highly structured framework, which allows you the breathing space to plan out and write your dream website, without having to worry about the project management or tech.

Write It!

Together, we’ll write the content for your business website that you absolutely love.

Who is this program for?

This program is perfect for you if: 

  • You are building a brand new business website or will be redesigning your current website.
  • You are a business owner who identifies as being heart-centered.
  • You're having trouble getting inspired to write your website content or the stuff you've already written isn't that great.
  • You need help with formulating your sales strategy and making it flow naturally throughout your website.
  • You want to take the time to do it right, in a structured framework, with a supportive guide and community of like-minded passionate entrepreneurs.

This comprehensive program is designed for determined and committed entrepreneurs who are willing to do what it takes to build successful online empires. 

Remember – a generic website attracts generic customers, so it’s important to carefully create your niche and boldly infuse your website with your personality. 

This program helps you make conscious decisions for your online business that are in alignment with your true self.

I have infused my business website program with magic, creative guidance and energy, and exercises for inner exploration, allowing you the room for small wins, big wins, inspired writing and content creation, and uncovering creative solutions.

Believe me, it’s better to do this soul-searching self reflection upfront than stop mid-website development because of a sudden change of heart.

It’s about coming full circle, after you’ve done the pre-work in this program, to be able to stride confidently into building your website – simply, straightforward and manageably. When you love your website and feel in your heart it’s an accurate representation of your true self, you’ll be excited to share it with the world and keep it updated in order to facilitate your business passions.

You are now a Writer.

No one else knows your business as well as you do.

Is your website content sitting there half finished?

Or perhaps it's lost in some corner of the back of your mind...

Now is the time to figure it out, with my help.

Designing your Website is challenging!

Sometimes when we start the web design process, we dive right into the visuals, forgetting the most important part: writing engaging and quality content.

I created this program so that you can start with your website’s content, integrate it with your bigger business vision and other marketing initiatives, and THEN build your website. By proceeding through the website design process in this order, you’ll save yourself time, money and stress.

About the Creator

Photo of Allison Kessler

Allison Kessler

WordPress Website Designer & Entrepreneur

Hi, I’m Allison Kessler and I’m proud to be a Canadian entrepreneur and mompreneur. I’m so excited to be a part of this new world where we create our own realities and are only limited by our imaginations. It’s the best time in history to be a heart-centered entrepreneur. The Internet’s at our fingertips and the global marketplace is at our doorsteps. 

Now is our time to shine!

And yet, we have our own unique set of challenges. I should know because I am one myself. 💓

We are directed by our intuition.

As a heart centered entrepreneur, we feel more comfortable “feeling things out” and going with what feels right. At times, it can be hard to put what we are feeling into words in terms of producing our website content and online marketing materials. Pinning down our essence in order to make sales may not come naturally. It can be frustrating trying to create content that accurately reflects who we are, who we serve and what we offer and results in a profitable online business.

By following along with the exercises in my holistic website content creation program, you’ll be lovingly led through each stage of the creative process. Your website is a reflection of your true self and will be more successful when you reveal and communicate your essence. The challenge is that you need to dig through the dirt to get to the good stuff – and this is easier to do with an experienced website professional by your side.

As your website coach and mentor, I lead and support you as you navigate your journey to design and create your authentic business website.

Who I Am

I’m an experienced entrepreneur, web designer and strategist who has been building websites for small and medium businesses professionally since 2002. I’m also a Tarot card reader and spiritual advisor, who dabbles in astrology. I’m essentially a modern mystic and I guide you on your website content planning, writing and creation journey as you prepare for designing or redesigning your dream business website. Together, we’ll co-create your website content so you can fly confidently through the website building phase.

I live in Calgary Canada with my 15-year old, 2-year old and boyfriend and when I’m not working I’m outside walking and hiking in nature. I love the Rocky Mountains! Oh, and as an air sign, I also love the fresh mountain air! 

By completing this website program, you’ll be well on your way to setting up a strong home base for your online empire.

There is an easier way to approach your website content development.
Let me guide you through the process and we can work on it together.

Allison Kessler's Holistic

Website Co-Creation Program


  • Starts at the beginning of the website design journey.
  • Walks you through the web design process holistically in a structured framework.​
  • Shifts the focus to writing authentic, engaging and high-quality content.
  • Teaches you how to write from the heart and let your audience in.
  • Helps you find your voice and develop your own materials.
  • Introduces new website marketing and sales concepts in ways that are easy to understand and follow.
  • Supportive and safe environment so you can be yourself.


  • 9-week program.
  • Weekly themes are introduced in a one-hour group video conference call, with an extra 30 mins available for your questions.
  • Program is facilitated through an online course that you will have lifetime access to.
  • Handouts and exercises accompany each theme.
  • Be prepared to do some soul searching as you complete the homework exercises.
  • 20-min weekly 1-on-1 coaching call with Allison.

Tangible Outcomes

Once you have completed the program, you’ll have:

  • Carefully defined your online identify and niche.
  • Thoughtfully mapped out your website navigation.
  • Lovingly written all of your website content in draft, including your about page, home page, sales pages and more depending on your specific requirements.
  • Be ready and excited to start building your new website.

What We'll Cover

This program has been carefully collated so that you can focus on the sections of your website that will make the most impact. 

Weeks 1-3: Create your Niche

Week 1

Who You Are

  • Write your branding statement
  • Formulate your story
  • Write your about page and author bio

Week 2

Who You Serve

  • Create your customer avatar
  • Learn their desires
  • Figure out how to connect

Week 3

What You Offer

  • Design your signature offer
  • Add in complementary offers
  • Reverse engineering free offers

Weeks 4-6: Capture your Market

Week 4

Provide Value

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Test and validate
  • Make refinements

Week 5

Write High-Quality Content

  • Design your website architecture and navigation menus
  • Organize your web pages
  • Write your website's core foundation pages

Week 6

Generate Sales

  • Design your sales funnels
  • Create your perfect lead magnet
  • Examine promotional channels

Weeks 7-9: Develop your Style

Week 7

Your Style

  • Be yourself and let your personality shine
  • Decide on your preferred type of content
  • Choose your optimal form of delivery

Week 8

Themes & Topics

  • Select your main themes
  • Assign sub themes
  • Brainstorm relevant topics
  • Manage this process like a pro!

Week 9


  • Evaluate your power of attraction
  • Apply repetition and consistency
  • Follow through, listen and engage


No. This is a pre-website design program that will help you plan out and write all of your website content BEFORE hiring a web designer. By completing this program first, you will expedite the website design phase because you will know how your site will be organized and what content is going where. You’ll be able to hand your website blueprint to your web designer and make it so easy for them to build your website to your specifications. 

It is likely that after you complete the 9-week program, you’ll have outstanding tasks that you need to complete before you can start building your website. You’ll have lifetime access to all of the program materials so that you can go at your own pace, revisit some of the lessons and exercises, and write your content at your convenience. You can schedule your website build when you are ready.

Not a problem! You can participate in this 9-week website content creation program and use your website plan and content to build your website yourself or with another developer. My preferred website content management system is WordPress and some of the examples I show in this program are from WordPress websites. If you hire a web designer who uses different technology, you will need to discuss alternative technical solutions with them. 

You write your own content. I provide guidance, examples and feedback, as well as a Facebook group where everyone is encouraged to participate and support each other in this creative process. By writing your own content, you develop your own voice and this will make creating future content easier for you. 

I offer special pricing on 1-on-1 hourly and half-day strategy sessions to program participants if you need more individual help or have a specific problem you need help working through.

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Waiting List

My Website Co-Creation Program is targeted for launch on Jan 2020. Want in? I’m offering super special pricing for the first run of my program. Get on my list to get program updates.