Web Hosting Costs Add Up

Keep track of your web hosting costs and renewal dates
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When you design your website with WordPress as a self-hosted site, you need to purchase your domain name, along with web hosting and email hosting packages.

However, web hosts tend to greatly discount prices when you first sign up. Especially if you purchase a long-term contract, such as 2 or 3 years. The “sale” price can look really appealing and – as you purchase the longest term possible – you figure that you’ll deal with the real price later. “By that time my new business will be profitable and the increased cost to renew won’t matter,” you reason. 

Keeping up with your website costs can be complicated.

Not only do you have your domain name renewal costs, web and email hosting renewal costs, you may have other costs related to your website with other external parties. Like an appointment scheduling app or a pro version of a WordPress plugin or theme. These all usually have expiry/renewal dates that you need to keep track of. 

It's easy to to hand out your credit card to multiple parties. Unfortunately, this makes it easy to lose track of payments. 

It is our job as consumers to keep the web hosts in check. And if you are not sure about the charges, a quick call to your web designer can help to clear things up. 

I recently had a client show me her web hosting account information, and the web host had added in a whole bunch of extra costs on the original purchase that were set to auto-renew. Not only were most of the items not needed for my client’s tiny business website, my client didn’t understand what she was purchasing. So instead of asking what each cost was and decide whether she needed the corresponding service, she just paid for them. 

This is extremely alarming on products that auto-renew for non-refundable multiple year contracts. 

What's with SSL Certificates?

In 2017, Google announced it’s initiative to force website owners to secure their websites with SSL Certificates. It could do this because it’s the largest search engine in the world and threatened lowering the search engine rankings of websites that didn’t comply, among other incentives like marking unsecured websites as such to website visitors. 

This isn’t an article defining what an SSL is. However, web hosts had different approaches to this matter. One web host leveraged the situation by charging hefty fees for SSL certificates. Other hosts implemented free SSL certificate options for all its customers. 

Which host would I choose? The one who isn’t taking advantage of its customers and who includes free SSL Certificates in all of its hosting packages. 

Looking for a new web host?

If you are shopping for a new web host, be sure to check into Siteground web hosting. I highly recommend Siteground for its amazing service, excellent all-inclusive pricing, and just how darn easy it is to set up new websites. Here’s my affiliate link to Siteground and I appreciate you supporting my business by using my link. 

Be a responsible website cost manager.

When you are first building your business website, it’s easy to get swept away by development possibilities. You might be eager to experiment with a variety of technical solutions offered by multiple external service providers. 

However, don’t be afraid to ask questions about costs. Note the renewal dates in your calendar. Use a tracking sheet to keep them organized. If you need to, uncheck the auto-renew from each service and deal with them one by one as they come up so you can make the right decisions. 

It is our job as consumers to keep the web hosts in line and in check. 

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