Using WooCommerce Coupons

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Question from a client:

"I want to offer a Discount Code for a Christmas promotion on a partner's website. Is it easy to set up a 10 or 15% discount to the shopping cart total?"

I recommend WooCommerce

I set up my eStore clients with WooCommerce shopping carts for their WordPress websites. If you have more than one product and want to have a Shop Page, WooCommerce is a great option. 

Benefits of Using Coupons

Coupons are a great way to get creative with your sales campaigns. In fact, you probably want to plan out monthly and weekly campaigns in advance to take advantage of this underused functionality. 

Different Types of Coupons Available

The three most popular ways to set up your coupons are: 

  1. Percentage discount: Offer a % discount to the shopper’s entire shopping cart. 
  2. Fixed cart discount: Offer a fixed dollar amount off to the shopper’s entire shopping cart. 
  3. Product discount: Offer a fixed dollar amount off for a specific product. 
Additionally, you have the option of granting free shipping to a coupon.  

Location of Coupons in WooCommerce

Coupons have moved! When you login to your WordPress admin, you’ll now find coupons for WooCommerce under a new tab called Marketing. Since I just discovered this, I’ll need to investigate as to the reason for this. It appears to be making the way for a whole new marketing section that’s separated from the shopping cart. 

Location of coupons on WordPress website using WooCommerce

What To Fill In...

When you are creating a coupon, be sure to fill in the following information: 

  1. Coupon Code: Make this a one-word combination of numbers and letters and note that it’s not case sensitive; e.g. “blackfriday” is the same as “BLACKFRIDAY”. Something easy to remember is the best strategy. After all, you want people to use it remember! 
  2. Discount Type
  3. Coupon Amount (% or $) 
  4. Expiry Date
  5. Usage Restriction (Optional) 
  6. Usage Limits (Optional) 
If you need additional help, check out WooCommerce’s own article on Coupon Management

Coupon Add-ons

Everything above is about coupon basics. If you need something more robust, you can check into add-ons and additional plugins. 

Smart Coupons (by WooCommerce)

I haven’t personally used Smart Coupons, but if Coupons are your Thing, I would definitely check into it. 

It costs $99USD per year. 

According to the plugin, it includes… 

...everything from selling store credits and gift cards, advanced coupon restrictions, automatic coupon issuance, free gift coupons, generating coupons in bulk, nice designs, quick management and a lot more.

More Recommended Add-ons

Right in the new marketing tab in WooCommerce (in your WordPress admin area), there’s a list of 6 different options for coupon extensions. 

On top of that, there’s likely to be a number of additional plugins in the WordPress repository created by other vendors. I usually perform an Internet search for “best WordPress plugin that does this” and research reviews, etc. 

Get Ready To Sell!

I’m guessing the last quarter of 2020 will be huge for shopping online. Is your eStore ready? 

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