How To Build A Successful Business Website

3 game-changing website tactics
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3 Game-Changing Tactics

for heart-centered entrepreneurs

Congratulations on deciding to create your first business website or redesign your current website!

It’s a big decision and a big project and I’m here to ensure your website is both rewarding and profitable. The success of your website is dependent on your attention to the following 3 tactics that you need to carefully consider as you progress through the creative process.

Don’t worry – incorporating each tactic may sound complicated at first, but each one actually simplifies the website design process so you can proceed confidently and quickly.

  1. Develop a website sales strategy
  2. Write your website content in draft BEFORE hiring a web designer
  3. Update and grow your website post launch

Let’s discuss what each item entails, why they’re important and how you can approach them differently to create a kick-ass business website.

1. Develop your website sales strategy

Develop Your Online Sales Strategy

You might be thinking developing intricate marketing strategies to sell your services
is… too much work… too sneaky… or too complicated.

“Why can’t I just tell people what I’m selling and sell it to them?”

And you can. If you’re selling widgets.

For example, plumbers and dentists sell essential services; everyone needs these types
of services and knows what they are. All they need on their websites is their contact info and
they’re good to go. I’m not saying these types of businesses couldn’t benefit from implementing a more sophisticated selling system. It’s just that selling well-known products and services is more straightforward.

On the flip side, heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants are usually selling
services and products that:

  • People don’t know exist because you created your own niche
  • People may not understand what you are selling or know that they need it
  • People want to get to know and trust you first before they’ll buy from you

If you want to make more money by helping more people, then designing an effective marketing strategy is critical.

Additional strategy challenges:
Your website needs to be interconnected to all of your online marketing efforts, including social media, email marketing, and paid ads. This takes a holistic approach to ensure everything is coordinated to your big picture business vision and mission.

Next Steps: 

Start with your website’s strategy and build it in on every level of your online marketing efforts.


  • Once created, your Master Plan keeps you focused and on track.
  • It’s easier to measure results and systematically make improvements.
  • You’ll sell more to your ideal clients.

2. Write your website content in draft BEFORE hiring a web designer

Web designers and clients alike build their websites backwards. Everyone starts with the new website design — the visuals! And what about the content? It’s treated like an afterthought and filled in at the very end of the project. You can see where I’m going with this right…?

Content creation problems include one or all of the following:

  • Your website design is complete and your designer is just waiting on the content. Unfortunately, you’ve been procrastinating in writing your website content and it holds up the launch of your new website indefinitely.
  • Rarely is the best idea the first one that comes to mind… but you feel rushed. You end up handing over crappy initial content to your web designer and hope she’ll be
    able to turn it into something amazing.
  • Once you see the draft pages, you realize there’s a lot more work to do and provide 16 successive edits to your designer to complete – incurring either her wrath or
    additional fees with a smile.

If you’ve missed step one and haven’t developed your online strategy, creating your website content will be difficult, unstructured, unfocused and... did I say difficult already?!

The Solution: 

Write all of your website content in draft and have it ready BEFORE you hire your web designer to build your website.


  • You can make unlimited content revisions on your own in order to make it stellar. P.S. This saves you money!
  • Strategically planning out your website architecture (navigation) on paper first reduces or eliminates rework on your live website.
  • Your web designer will be so grateful and surprised that you are providing them with the “final” copy, that she will add you to her easy-to-work-with client list. She might even send you cookies. Really!

3. Update and grow your website post launch

Update and grow your website post launch

After launching their websites, many business owners are exhausted from the process and relieved it’s “over”. They don’t touch it again for months or even years. Especially if they found the web design process to be frustrating or that it took too much effort.

Even entrepreneurs who planned to write monthly blog posts, get sidetracked and lose their resolve. It’s more fun to move onto the next shiny object promising easier riches, like throwing money at paid ads.

Unfortunately, “Set it and forget it” is not a valid website tactic.

Infuse your website with love and attention and it will be more successful.

Next Steps: 

Get to know your website and be empowered to make updates by yourself.

Website content management systems like WordPress make it easy to manage your content on your own. All you need to do is get comfortable and practice, with a supportive web designer by your side holding your hand.

If you can use Word to create documents and post updates in social media networks, you can learn how to manage and update your own website.​


  • It’s quicker to enter your own content into your website than work through a designer. When your new web page is ready in draft, you can ask your web designer to put any finishing visual touches on it and add functionality to make sure it’s working properly.
  • It’s easy to make wording changes – as many as you need to. You can also drag and drop your content into different orders to see what looks the best.
  • By entering and editing your own website content, you’ll feel more connected and at one with your site. This makes all the difference for creating authentic content, articles and posts in your own voice and tone.

Get 'Er Done!

Now you know the 3 essential steps that go into planning a kick-ass business website. Be sure to add them to your website planning sessions before you start building your website.

I can help!

More info coming soon on my new lineup of free and paid holistic website design offerings. Stay tuned!

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