How To Get Started On Your Blog

How to get started on your website's blog
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Just Start.

Deciding to start a blog on your business website is a big decision. There are so many benefits to starting one. Likewise, it significantly increases your workload at first. 

The best approach is to just start. 

Find Your Voice

It takes time to find your writing voice

It can take a while to find your writer’s voice in your business. It’s not just there when you bring your hands to the keyboard. You actually need to develop your voice and this takes a lot of practice. 

This is the same process as finding your voice in social media. The first posts for your business can be awkward and disjointed. The flow’s not quite right and posting seems like quite the chore. 

If you can manage to post consistently, week after week, your voice gets stronger, more confident, and really comes into its own. Your personality shines through and writing feels so much more natural. 

You need to write through the awkwardness. Focus on completing the task at hand and pressing “publish” rain or shine. Even if it’s not your best work. 

Create Core Themes

Pick 2 to 3 core themes. These are broad topics related to your business’ products or services that you can start with to keep you at least in the ballpark while you figure out your blog. 

Write on these core topics right now. It is extremely tempting to delay and procrastinate posting blog articles because “my online marketing strategy isn’t finished” or “my blog posting strategy isn’t created yet.” Ignore these excuses and post anyway. 

Forget About Perfection

Writing your blog isn’t about perfection. This is one of my weaknesses. I want everything to be perfect! If I find a spelling error later, I’m mortified! But the truth is, posting blog articles is a continuous process and pressing that “publish” button is far more important than making every article 100%. Many many times, I’ve re-read blog posts, found a way to improve it, edited it post publish and called it a day. 

You can even add images later and spice it up with video or something. Just remember that sticking to your posting schedule is critical and bells and whistles are optional. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Benefits

Every additional web page you publish on your website increases your website’s SEO status. You’ll have more chances of increasing your search engine rankings and of being found by your ideal client or customer. 

Also, you can advertise your blog articles in your social media posts. It gives your target audience something new to come and check out on your website. (Don’t forget to include the link back to your article everywhere you post about it!) Your blog posts give you something of quality to share on social media. Be sure to send them out to your email list too. 

Love Writing

If you are an entrepreneur right now in the age of social media, writing is going to be a huge part of your job. If you don’t like writing, it’s time to change that attitude! 

I love my blog and my blog loves me.

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