Episode #4: My Spiritual Journey
Human Connection

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Hi, I’m Allison Kessler back with episode 4 of my new Human Connection podcast. This week I’m talking about My Spiritual Journey and I hope you enjoy my story about my awakening in 2013 to the present date, which is July 24, 2020. Usually, after a spiritual awakening and journey, you emerge as a completely different person and this can be jarring for your friends and family and coworkers. They didn’t see what happened, because it was an inner transformation. 

In this episode, I discuss these 5 key aspects of my spiritual experience and I hope they provide some clarification and hope for you. 

  1. Detoxification and purification of my mind, body and soul
  2. Integration of my soul. Moving from walking in ego to walking in God, so to speak
  3. Shadow work
  4. Knowing yourself and Knowing your worth
  5. Moving from serving yourself to serving God and getting in alignment with your soul purpose.
Wishing you all the joy and happiness in the world,

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