Making Money Is Hard As An Entrepreneur

Making money is hard as an entrepreneur
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And there it is. This limiting belief finally reared its ugly head. 

Recently, I have been on a quest to identify my limiting beliefs and squash them like bugs. Fortunately, once you consciously start on this process, they stand out like sore thumbs. 

There’s a trick to it, of course. You must catch this automatic thought as it pops into your head. After grabbing onto it, repeat it out loud. Evaluate it’s potency. Is it positive or negative? It is helping you or making your life a living hell? 

These nasty buggers run on autopilot in the background creating your reality. That is, until you start shining the light into every nook and cranny (is that ever an old saying!) with a view to get a better life. 

So – now that I’ve captured this one, what do I do with it? 

There’s a couple things you can try. There’s the popular black wolf, white wolf theory, as follows: 

Wolves Proverb

My healing friend describes this more as you have a garden and this limiting belief is a weed. You need to plant a better seed that counteracts your weed and only water the positive thought. This is where affirmations come in and are such a trend right now. 

I have to admit. I’m not this patient. I feel like both of these methods are partially correct. After many moons, your negative thought will be diminished. Yay for persistence and hard work! 

I have a method that will pull out this irritating weed for good. But it’s a bit woo woo, so do with this what you will. Here is my magic method for those who want to take a shortcut to peace of mind. 

5 Easy Steps To Eliminating Limiting Beliefs permanently: 

  1. Write your limiting belief down on a piece of paper. 
  2. Call in your higher self. In your mind’s eye, picture your head in front of you kind of like a fish bowl. 
  3. Say to your soul, “PLEASE REMOVE [say your limiting belief]”. Watch as you visualize your soul’s hand of light scooping into your head and removing all of the pebbles having to do with that limiting belief. Then visualize the hand of light smashing the pebbles against a stone wall and releasing energy.
  4. Cross off the limiting belief with your pencil. 
  5. Burn the paper for good measure. 
In some instances, for myself, my limiting belief was so big that my higher self needed to use a bag to scoop up all the pebbles. In other instances, the limiting belief wasn’t a pebble, but more like a large-sized rock. This shows how much you can be plagued by self defeating prophecies! 

I hereby banish this old thought that is no longer serving me and replace it with: 

Making money is easy as an entrepreneur.

Stay tuned for more spicy insight on how easy it is to make money as an entrepreneur. You can subscribe to my newsletter below to receive my blog updates too. 

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