MailPoet Review – A WP Mailing List Plugin

MailPoet Review - a wordpress mailing list plugin
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How's your mailing list coming along?

Getting your business website set up is a big project. By the time you get to your mailing list, you want it to "just work." 

For years, I’ve been using Mailchimp as my mailing list provider – and loyally recommending it to all of my clients. The free plan had everything a small business owner needed. Unfortunately, Mailchimp changed its free plan and removed many of the features I’d come to love. I get it, it’s just business. And since this is my business, I am compelled to put on my researcher’s hat if I’m not satisfied where things are going. For both me and my clients.

But it’s more than that.

By having my mailing list program separate from my website, it felt disjointed. It felt like a pain to connect my website opt-in forms to the correct email sequences. It seemed more complicated than it had to be.

Instead of being able to quickly and logically plan out mailing list strategies utilizing multiple lists, I had to spend a good amount of time planning out merge fields, groups, tags and segments – for just one list. Then experimenting, testing and continuously refining the plan. A good experience for sure. But I just want to send some emails!

Big questions you need to ask yourself about your email marketing include:

  1. Have you sent any email campaigns? If not, what’s holding you back?
  2. If so, are you sending emails regularly and consistently? Do you have a mailing schedule (weekly, monthly) and are you sticking to it?
  3. Do you enjoy sending emails sharing information about you and your business, sending out promotions and asking for business?

Until a week ago, my answers to all of those questions were no. To be honest, I just wasn’t feeling it. Something was missing… the excitement, the drive, the motivation. Oh where have you gone!

And then I found MailPoet. And it just felt right for some reason.

MailPoet on AppSumo

Right now, AppSumo has an incredible MailPoet deal. For $49USD, you get a Lifetime License for 5,000 subscribers. Click below for my referral link.

I worked an entire evening transfering over my Mailchimp system to MailPoet. I pressed every button, clicked on every link, filled out every piece of information, went through some of the support documentation (which is very helpful, by the way). And I was in heaven! MailPoet is so much fun to use! Before I knew it, my first email newsletter came pouring out of me and I woke up in the middle of the night to finish it and click SEND. Talk about an adrenaline rush! 

I mean, I finally KNOW my purpose in life. I’m in alignment with my soul and I have important messages to communicate with my target audience. They are waiting to hear from me. The last thing I need to deal with are email blockages Grrrrr!  

Now I can get to work. All because I fixed my email problem. Who knew! 

If you have a WordPress website, or are about to create one, seriously consider investing in MailPoet while you still can on AppSumo. It’s a great little app to have in your back pocket. With the Lifetime license, and guaranteed money back within 60 days, you can’t really pass on this opportunity. Join AppSumo now and grab the MailPoet deal! 

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