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Website Maintenance Services

Congratulations on launching your business website! 

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Allison Kessler, WordPress Expert

Launching a website is a Big Deal. I’m so happy for you! Even launching a baby website takes a lot of time and effort, and guess what – you did it! 

Now What?

Building a new website is a journey in itself. But once it’s finally launched, the worst thing you could do is forget about it. Let’s work as a website team to keep your online momentum going through ongoing website maintenance and website “power” sessions

Below, you’ll find some ideas of how we can work together as an energized, kick-ass team on your website. 

Ongoing website maintenance

The importance of owning your own website and mailing list

Do you need help with your WordPress website? That’s what I’m here for! 

Whether you want me to take charge of your updates and do them for you, or want to learn how to maintain your website all by yourself, I can help you with both. Hell, we could even do a mishmash mix of both of us working on your site together, and when you want training on something, just schedule your appointment for a recorded, screen sharing video conference. Let’s do this! 

What's Included

Many people aren’t sure what’s included with website maintenance services. Here’s my general list of tasks that fit website maintenance services. If you don’t see what you want done on the list, send me a quick note using my contact form to see if I can help you with your website needs. 

Hourly Rate Billing

I charge an hourly rate for ongoing website maintenance. This is the quickest way for you to get your site updated because I don’t have take the time to analyze the work in detail, itemize it and prepare an estimate. We can just get to it. 

My hourly rate for 2021 is $95 USD. If you are Canadian, you can pay via e-transfer in equivalent CDN funds + GST. 


Flat Fee Quotes

For more complex requests, you are welcome to request a quote on any work. Depending on the request, I may provide a range of hours charged at my hourly rate, or I might provide a flat-fee quote to cover all of the required work. 

In certain circumstances, we may need to schedule a few paid consulting sessions in order to brainstorm options, research alternatives, perform tests / beta tests, and select the best solution. 

Best for:


Check out my on hourly power packs!

Hourly Rate

website maintenance
$ 95 Per Hour
  • Pay as you go
  • Exactly what you need, when you need it

5 Hours

power pack
$ 400 on sale until Jan 31st
  • $85/hr
  • A savings of $75
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10 Hours

power pack
$ 700 on sale until Jan 31st
  • $75/hr
  • A savings of $250!
Best Deal

Website "Power" Sessions

Let's together!


This is absolutely my favorite way of working together on your website. During a “Website Power Session” – we work through your website updates together one by one in a video conference sharing our screens. This can be so much quicker to get your website updated exactly how you want. Why? Because we can try stuff out together, you get to provide immediate feedback, and we can work our way through to brilliant design and content solutions. 

At the end of a Website Power Session, things will be accomplished and to-do list items checked off. 

Book Your Power Session

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