Let’s Talk About Colors!

Allison helps you create your 5-color branding palette
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I suggest creating a 5-color palette for your website branding.

This makes it so much easier to: ⁠

I like to assign 2 main colors, each with a matching shade, and an accent color. Your accent color needs to be brighter and stand out for those Call To Action buttons. ⁠

Colors Say More Than You Know

When you begin the planning stage for business (or rebrand), including designing your logo and website, picking your color palette is one of the more fun activities! Colors speak to us at a soul level! The colors you choose are communicating your essence to everyone without saying a word. Spend the time to choose colors that resonate with who you are, what you do and how you want your potential customers to feel. ⁠

Color Apps

There’s a few apps that help you explore colors. My favourites are Adobe Color and Coolors at coolors.co.⁠

Your Turn!

Think about your own business branding colors. Have you created a palette? If so, how many colors do you have? Are you in love with your colors or is it time for a makeover? If your colors aren’t doing it for you, maybe it’s time to refresh them! 

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