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I love continuing to work with my clients on their websites! Like with Jennifer at Tula Rashi Designs – she just got in brand new graphics for her feature product called a Soul Contract Mala and she needs them added to her website.

💎 These malas are absolutely stunning. I should know because I have one of them. Jennifer takes your birth chart information and uses it to hand design a crystal necklace for you. 💎 We’re currently working to get her new mala “case studies” up on her website. Check back soon!

Returning to your website after a break means FRESH EYES and a BURST OF ENERGY to help you GET INSPIRED to improve your website.

In addition to website maintenance, I’ve invented these new WEBSITE POWER SESSIONS. Here’s the deal: Instead of sending your website updates to a web designer and waiting days to hear back from them and get the work done – You can get it done with me by video conference IN REAL TIME! I know right. Seems pretty obvious. But by booking a Website Power Session with me, you don’t have to wait. This is actually a more efficient way of getting your website maintenance done because we can do the consulting, brainstorming, review, editing, and publishing all at the same time.

And BAM 💥, you’re website’s updated just that like.
Stay tuned for more info on my new Website Power Sessions!

🤓 WHAT ABOUT YOU? When’s the last time you updated your website? Be honest. Are we talking hours, days or weeks? Do you even remember what your website address is? Time to re-acquaint yourself!

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