What Is Holistic Website Design

The holistic website design journey
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A mindful approach to your business website

Your website is merely a part of the greater ecosystem of your business itself. It’s like you, the business owner, are the driver of a spaceship. Your business is the engine room. And your website is the spacecraft itself. You also have smaller “shuttlecrafts” that do exploratory journeys onto social networking planets, and another one for your email communications. 

Every step you take on your holistic web design journey, needs take into consideration your business’ big picture purpose and the jobs of all the moving shuttlecrafts. 

As entrepreneurs, we live aboard our spaceship websites. Therefore, we need to take the time to make it our own, add some homey touches, and feel comfortable like it’s a second skin. 

Likewise, you want your spaceship website to be welcoming to your target market, be easy to navigate, and encourage exploring. Would you really want to say to your guests, “Don’t go to level E because it’s not finished,” or “Don’t bother trying to take your shipment out of the cargo bay, the door’s broken.” 

Business websites are often treated like a nuisance or an annoying obligation. But if you show your website some love, it will come back to you. To me, this means I’m allowed to enjoy working on my website. Working on my website is self care for me and my business. As a society, we haven’t been encouraged to employ self-care routines and rituals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. But this is the secret to online success.  

The Cambridge dictionary cites the word holistic as the “whole of something or someone and not just a part” and Dictionary.com says “the idea that the whole is more than merely the sum of its parts.” So when I am applying this to website design, I am identifying the website as being merely a part of the greater eco-system of the business itself, with many aspects, elements and diverse layers needing to be taken into consideration as the website is planned, developed and maintained.

When is the last time you paid some attention to your business website? 

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