I bought BigVU!

Blog post about BigVU Pocket TV Studio
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Make Better Videos.

I just found this amazing tool for shooting videos on your cell phone using a teleprompter!

There’s also basic video styling options: check out my logo at the top left, my video title and my name across the bottom. It even makes captions for you, which I’ll try out next time.

What do you think, can you tell I’m using a teleprompter to make this video?

Prefer to read instead of watch? Here you go!

Hey, this is Allison Kessler, holistic web designer, and I just bought a new App off AppSumo called BigVU!

First off, what is AppSumo? 

AppSumo is a website that advertises new programs and apps perfect for online business owners. It gives you exclusive lifetime deals for up and coming tools that will totally help you grow your online business. Like the app I just bought called BigVU – that I’m using to produce this video right here!

A friend of mine was mentioning how much easier it was for her to make videos for her business now that she had a teleprompter. I hadn’t really thought about using a teleprompter before, but I definitely have trouble filming great videos of myself speaking to the camera. I’m one of those people who likes to plan out what I want to say in a script before i start filming, so I’m already doing the hard work to make a great video. The problem is that you can totally tell in my videos that I’m reading the script off my computer and the videos weren’t turning out like I hoped.

So now that I’ve purchased BigVU, I hope to be making more videos! Let’s see how this one goes. What do you think of my video? Can you tell I’m reading the script from a teleprompter? 

Get the limited time deal!

If you want to get in on this deal, check it out on AppSumo here

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